Morrissey's YOR release on Brasil (Veja Magazine)


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As sent on News section, here is the scan of the magazine for those interested on it and the translation for english. Hope Morrissey comes to Brasil on this tour... last time of incredible gigs was in 2000. He has a very strong fan base here, so he should come. cheers, Marco.

"In the 80's when he used to be the singer of the deceased band The Smiths, the englishman Morrissey, became one of the best songwriters in history of rock. In his solo careerer his confessional lyrics continued sharp. But, musically, just with the CD You are the Quarry (2004), he freed himself from the ghost of his former group. Years of Refusal goes on in this excellent path. The CD brings rocks and ballads wrote together with Boz Boorer and Alain Whyte (that bravely try to overcome the lack of Johnny Marr, guitarrist and Morrissey`s partner in The Smiths). As usual, he makes references to facts and persons in his lyrics. The producer Jerry Finn, that died short after the recording sessions, is the character of Somebody is squeezing my skull. And You were good in your time is a message to a fan.
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