Moz interview - Time Out November 1990

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One of my favourite Morrissey interviews of that period (autumnal, lost, funny little singles Moz ~ walking backwards into the '90s) Conducted during the recording of the magnum opus that would become 'Kill Uncle'. Even though the content is weighted heavily toward the journalist's words rather than Morrissey's, and he doesn't appear much of a 'fan', it's still enjoyable because it's so well written; wounded unpriapic fawn, lugubrious monotones in parish magazines, wheezing Bedford vans, etc, etc. A minor twisted pleasure indeed.
Also saw the debut, some 4 months before 'Kill Uncle', of Gino Sprio's excellent photographs of Moz at Hook End Manor.
And is that a Smiths shirt he's wearing? Must be one of the last times he wore one.

* And yes, I did 'acquire' this some years ago from my college library ;)


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Very nice.

I can't stop thinking, or frinking, about Morrissey speaking with Twix in his mouth.

Messy boy.


i love the picture of him-beautiful...
..but why the hell doesnt the interviewer help him while he is choking on that twix?:doh:


Thanks for scanning and posting this.

Tim Jonze would have interpreted his answers differently ...


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Morrissey is funny. :p
interview time out
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