New Alain Whyte songs?


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By the way, I did a search on iTunes for term "Alain Whyte" to try and find these songs, and I found a Spanish electropop version of "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful", named "Es Odios Quan Els Amics Triomfen" by "Hidrogenesse". Odd, but nice.



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Alain's alive!

from tiger army's blog

Speaking of special, Alain Whyte joined us on guitar for two songs tonight. Alain, for the few of you who don't recognize his name, has written the music to many of the best Morrissey songs going back to the early nineties. He's an amazing guitar player as well. We met him during the recording of Music From Regions Beyond when he graciously contributed backing vocals to a few tracks in the studio. Alain's joining us, in addition to being incredibly cool, allowed us to perform one of my favorite songs from MFRB, a song entitled "Hechizo de Amor." I've wanted to play this one forever, but upon attempting to learn it last year, I found that I can't really sing it & play it at the same time! So it was one of the highlights of this run for me to be able to do it, and he made it sound much better than I could have. We did Eddie Cochran's "Twenty Flight Rock" as well, and Alain's rockabilly background came in handy for a version that's different from our usual take on it, closer to an authentic style. That's the first time I've not had a guitar around my neck in Tiger Army that I can recall.

When Alain walked on stage i shouted "Alain come back! We need you!" He laughed, pointed to his heart, and said thank you. That was the first time i've seen him preform, and i must say it was great! Hope he comes out of hiding more often
alain come home
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