New single - "Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage"; first play on Jeremy Vine show

UPDATE Nov. 7:

Link to pre-order limited edition 7" (Dec. 8 release date) posted by an anonymous person:

Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage / You'll Be Gone (Live) - Norman Records

Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s On Stage is the second single to be taken from Morrissey's Low In High School album, his first since 2014, which is being met with a mix of excited anticipation and ambivalence. It will be backed with a live version of You’ll Be Gone. Limited edition 7” on the massive BMG label.

Now on YouTube and other streaming / download services. Link posted by Tbevie:

Also on Spotify as a single:

Jeremy Vine has announced via twitter:

1st play on his show tomorrow 12.00pm - 2.00pm


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"Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage" - sleeve posted on @officialmoz / Twitter

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Famous when dead

I look forward to it.
Mr. Vine might like to learn to use hashtags for a 'world exclusive'
(which probably means check Spotify, Amazon et al later).
The comments on his tweet are not very nice!

Ketamine Sun

A Most Misunderstood Member
I was so sceptical of that cover... and then I heard it and I was indifferent... and then it just grew on me and yes, I would love that very much.

always liked that song, and his version is wonderful, great on the breakdown. Love when he does covers, and to think how important the song must be to him.


Much better more obvious choice for a single than I wish you lonely though I didn’t feel like that was a single really

Famous when dead

Yeah I already have it from my iTunes preorder. I was just wondering why they are being released so close together.
I noticed several advertisements were basically saying: pre-order the album and get the singles free.
You'd think they'd want you to buy a 'single' AND the album.
This new tactic just seems to be to drum up definite album sales - the vinyl and 'b sides' are an after thought.
The buyer is basically buying bits of the album.
The gap between releases doesn't matter if they are just parts of the album you are buying.
I'd prefer a single, 2 b sides and physical copies, but it's not to be.

Ketamine Sun

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surprised 'All the young..' was not chosen, surely must be the next one.

Anyways, a new single brings the promise or hope of another video ! :pray:

Eustace Walks

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I don't remember it (I was too young) but You Are the Quarry must have been such an exciting release period - 4 tracks per 12"/CD single, and most of them bonafide bangers



For info. The UK official release date for this single is the 17th November 2017.


low in high school info

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