New York Dolls mention Morrissey in interview

Valerie Siebert from The Quietus converses at leisure with David Johansen about the New York Dolls' latest album Dancing Backward In High Heels and Malcolm McLaren and Morrissey.

- ...And how about your own legacy – particularly in the New York scene? What do you see when you survey your kingdom these days – with the new New York scene bands like The Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs who seem quite at home on the cover of fashion mags?

DJ: I think they're great. Whenever I see them on TV or we're on a bill together or something, I think that they're really good and they're good rock'n'roll bands.

Have you met any of them? Have any come forward as fans?

DJ: Yeah, sure I've met them, but I'm sure they wouldn't come forward as fans because that would just make things weird. Don't you think that would be weird? Like if someone comes and says to you 'Wow I'm such a big fan of you' wouldn't you think 'Wow, that's weird?'

Really? But what about Morrissey? He's a massive fan and is very vocal about it and brought you all together in 2004… so obviously he's door-stepped you to that effect – did that make things weird?

DJ: Uh. Well I don't remember… but it probably was, yeah.

But it is still weird if you see him now?

DJ: Well no, I mean, I haven't really thought about it. I just think 'Oh, there's Morrissey, OK cool.' He's not going to be like going gaga or anything...

No Time For Lollygagging: An Interview With The New York Dolls - The Quietus

An anonymous person also sends the link to the Vanity Fair article with Morrissey references:

Sex, Drugs, and Drag - Vanity Fair
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