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Not withstanding the fact that the main page says "Out Tommorrow", can someone confirm if the 31/12/05 issue is actually out today or is it out next week?

tomsidg at work

yeh its out today just bought it....only a page and a bit on moz....a few words from the man himself and a short piece including an interview with the producer. he says its very influenced by rome as moz spent several moneths there before the album came out. also the melodies are more varied and similiar to bowies. life is a pigsty is 7 mins long and you have killed me is the first single. 20 songs were recorded...12 going on album the rest are b-sides. the producer has advised for us to buy every single as most of his favourite songs ended up as b-sides.

wprth buying just for the pic of moz on the cover
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