No Morrissey booksigning in New York on Dec. 12 - @BNUnionSquareNY

UPDATE Dec. 8, 2:40PM PT:

DubbalinGirl posted the link:

The Queue Is Dead: No Morrissey signing in NYC; bookstore announced appearance ‘in error’ - Vanyaland


Here’s the email we received minutes ago, in full, from a B&N rep:

I’m writing from Barnes & Noble Union Square. There was a miscommunication solely on the part of the store and Morrissey was not scheduled to make an appearance here on 12/12/13 as we had announced in error. We hope to see him in the future, but there is NO scheduled signing for Morrissey at this time. We greatly apologize to his fans and our customers for any inconvenience this has caused.

per twitter its cancelled:

@BNUnionSquareNY - 1:05 PM - 8 Dec 13
We apologize to his fans & our customers for the store's miscommunication. We hope to see him in the future, but no scheduled signing @ time

@BNUnionSquareNY - 1:03 PM - 8 Dec 13
ATTN: There is NO scheduled Morrissey event Thurs 12/12. We GREATLY apologize for our miscommunication. Please call 212.253.0810 w/questions

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What wasn't fair about it? Or do you mean it wasn't confirmed from the start? Maybe I'm misunderstanding your interpretation.

Public appearance starvation mode isn't good for Morrissey or his fans. Even when he was in Sweden, thousands of miles from my home, I was happy for everybody who got the chance to be there. Everything about his public appearance was a good thing.

Oh yes, I totally agree with you, it IS a good thing!
I only meant I would have been disappointed if he'd done a signing in a big city like NYC when not even showing up anywhere in the UK (or anywhere in Europe apart from Sweden).


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This isn't suprising.. he's got a concert in Norway the day before.

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