Anyone ever tried to write one?

Anyone ever succeeded?

Any advice on it?

I'm giving it a go, done a fair amount of planning, built a character portfolio and basic plots for each chapter, so here's hoping I can keep it up and actually complete it. It is a fantastic achievement for anyone that manages to write an entire novel in my opinion, and even more spectacular if it is any good! ;)

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You guys suck :tears:

It's very sad that nobody answers you, I would if I could: I wish I could be good enough to write a novel, but the best I did was to try to write one when I was 17 and I gave up after a few pages. Too young for a novel, I should have begun with short stories. I had not very clear ideas and I decided that I am definitely a reader and not a writer. I'm slightly better with poetry than with prose, but these days I have no time for either. Good luck for your novel, let us know...:)
If you want to write just do it and don't bother about the rest.
You learn how to do it by doing it. And re-doing and re-writing and throwing it in the cupboard and fetching it out three months later, and tuning it all inside out and starting again.

Me, I've been doing some "tag" fiction which, being collaborative, is unpredictable and challenging. But fun.


Okay guys, yeah I guess not many people would be interested in doing it. Just thought maybe Moz fans might be different. Morrissey fans on here are much different to those that I have met in real life it seems though - those in real life have much better taste in other music for starts...

But yeah, I'm giving it a go and I'm just going to do it. Was a bit of a waste of time thread. Feel free to delete it or whatever.

Btw, does anyone like Sarah Record's or Godard at all? Or does anyone here like Salinger, Braine or Radclyffe Hall? Just wondering if my taste is because of Morrissey (which I always thought it was) or because of,


I never attempted writing a novel, not a fan of Jean-Luc Goddard (having said that I enjoyed watching some of his films), but like Sarah Records artists particularly Orchids and Field Mice.


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i wouldn't say i'm interested in writing a novel per say, but i'd love to have a go at writing fairy tales. psychedelic children's stories. got a few ideas floating inside my brainbox.


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We do not suck. Maybe we are busy writing novels and not posting on Solow.

Morrissey attracts literary types, yes.

I've always thought that if U2 writes songs that feel like movies, Morrissey writes songs that feel like novels. He's intrinsically literary, informed by the written word. When I was a teenager I'd sit in my room and pore over the lyric inserts in my Smiths cassettes (yeah, yeah) and marvel at the way he put words together. There was real inspiration there. So you are in good company, even if no one has the time to stop and talk about it now.

Keep writing. Even a good short story is a big accomplishment.


Thanks for the responses, maybe you don't suck after all. Maybe.

I see what you mean with regards to Morrissey's songs feeling like novels, I guess he was inspired by many when he wrote his lyrics. In turn, I have been inspired by him in my personal writing - a Morrissey or Smith lyric is rarely far from my mind when I write something that means something to me.

But yeah I'm keeping it up well so far (early days yes). I find it very therapeutic - I have always had to write down thoughts and feeling in one way or another. I guess by pouring them into a novel it is much the same, just more structured and disciplined. It is equally as exciting though and I do love the feeling of starting to write something, letting my hands type away freely and then looking back rather impressed with myself at what I have written.

If only I could be creative earlier than 2am though.

Oh and it's cool that you like Sarah Record's too Kewpie - Another Sunny Day, The Wake and Heavenly are my favourites!

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This is all I know about it: write every day; just don't expect anybody to read it. And give yourself a deadline. Feeling depressed about not meeting a self-imposed deadline is so much better than writing on and on an on, "because it's still not finished." It will never be perfect; just hope that it breathes, and then walk away.
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