November Spawned a Mozzer competition winners and pictures!

Thank-you to everyone who came to 20th Nov November Spawned a Mozzer: it was our biggest night yet! We've uploaded some images on our Facebook and Flickr accounts for your delight and delectation. Please take a look, relive some memories and make some comments:

At last, after much deliberation, the winners of the Morrissey quiff competition have been decided! We've chosen five winners, in no particular order:

Roger's lobotomy
Jack's shiny quiff
Kes's purple garden
Russ, Mike and Gemma's floral extravaganza
And an anonymous one: Moz in 2020, complete with wrapover

Pictures of the winning entries are attached with this message. Winners can email us back in order to choose their prize from a selection of Moz-related delights ([email protected])!

Thanks again to everyone who entered at NSAM! We very much enjoyed looking at your creations.

And a final advance notice for you all: The Smiths Indeed will be playing at the Brighton Komedia on 30 April 2010, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Meat is Murder by playing the whole album plus all your Smiths faves! Your very own NSAM DJs, Some Girls, will be there to provide inter-band DJ entertainment - we hope to see you there:

A Very Mozzy Christmas and an Unhappy New Year to you all!

Verity and Tina
(Some Girls)
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