Now I Am A Was



I was just sitting down figuring this out by ear, I wasn't feeling it 100% so I googled trying to find a tab. It led me here. So, even though this is a couple of years old I will throw out there what I came up with so far.

Intro and before the singing of each verse. G,B7,C,D, this sounds about right

With the verse and chorus I want to say I might be about 75% to 80% right? Im having a hard time hearing the acoustic rhythm guitar over the jangle of the electric with chorus pedal fx. So corrections welcomed.

Verse chords I have: Bm,c,Bm,Bm,Em,C,D,

Chorus which doesn't sound right to me: G,Bm,C,D, I think on the I worked my way down it might go to the Em,c,d,? As I say I'm not 100% on this one.

Bridge just sounds like Bm,Em,C I think?

Then it modulates up after the bridge to A,C#m,D,E,

Try from there and please do correct it if you can figure the 100% correctness of the song, thanks. Maybe try to find Spencer Corbin on a social media site and ask him, since he wrote the music for this one. Last resort you could ask Boz I follow him on Twitter and when he was a regular on myspace (back in those days), I heard stories that he very graciously would answer fan questions all the time. But even then Boz might not remember it off the top of his head seeing as he didn't write it and its one of those tunes played and recorded only in the studio. To my knowledge I don't think they ever played it live? Hope any of this helps?
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