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You do realize you're a creep right? I'm glad you don't like me because you're an actual weirdo. Stalking me isn't flattering, it's pathetic
I'm not stalking you. I'm just reading the thread and disliking your racist and homophobic inanities as I go along. Becaus I know you're insecure and a sissy to care about a stranger disliking your posts on the net.


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Is it significant that you and Skinny both joined Solo on exactly the same day - June 1st 2000? It might lead some people to believe that you are one and the same. Your side-stepping of very clear and reasonable questions is certainly a trait you share together. It doesn't really matter, I guess, as long as it makes you happy during these difficult times.
All users registered prior to June 1 2000 have a June 1 2000 date due to a software migration undertaken at that time.

Many people on the site know who I am from over the years. But thanks for your “investigation”.


Last night in Dallas a group of negros monkey stomped a white store owner to possible death(condition unknown). These aren't protests these are dumb animals charged up by media and liberal white idiots
no further comments needed: 2020 and only nasty racists are defending Melvis Pelvis
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