People's Manifesto - the creation of Mozday?


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Comedian-activist Mark Thomas is trying to create a People's Manifesto and has asked folk to send in suggestions for policies with which to govern the UK.

Anyway, i thought we could have some other Moz related suggestions listed here.:thumb:
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At first i thought of making everyone go vegetarian - as an environmental move, but don't think they'd go for that.... so instead, what about petitioning for a national day of celebration of the wonder of Morrissey (recurrent every year on his birthday):D


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Forgot to mention, you can go to the recording of his show at the BBC studios in London on 26th October by following this link "THIS LINK";) - but you need to supply him with a policy suggestion in order to procure tickets! Maybe you could pilfer some of the great ideas that folk post here:squiffy::rolleyes:


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Of course the day where we can whinge as much as we like :thumb:
Whinge the day away, without a care for how much we may annoy
anyone who is having a happy day (like a wedding, maybe).
The day where we can frown upon unpleasantries such as the wearing
of big black fur hats near the Queen's residence.
The day where we can glorify the state of celibacy.
The day where we can strike a pose.
The day where we can bemoan the fact that every day is like Sunday......
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