PETA UK: ‘Shocked’ Morrissey Speaks Out Against Grimston Beagle-Breeding Farm

PETA UK have published a letter penned by Morrissey, imploring Home Secretary Theresa May to deny a license for a planned beagle breeding facility in Hull.

The letter in full:

I’m looking forward to my concert in Hull on Friday but was shocked to hear from my friends at PETA about plans for a new facility in nearby Grimston that would breed beagles to be used and killed in cruel experiments.

As I understand it, this hellhole would churn out thousands of dogs a year, confine them to a sterile prison (apparently without access to outdoor runs) and then sell them to laboratories to be injected, infected and dissected.

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of knowing a dog can tell you that they are friendly, loyal animals who should be sleeping in our beds, not dying for Botox and Viagra. As an elected official, it’s your duty to represent the public – and I can tell you without a doubt that the vast majority of us do not want beagles’ blood on our hands. I am therefore urging you to do the right thing by denying this abomination of an establishment a licence.

nice. dont know anything about the situation or peta uk but i hate dog breeders in general animals testing or not

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