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hello everyone, i don't know if it's been done before, but how about people putting images of their favourite non morrissey/smiths "pin ups" on this thread.

Be tasteful.

but lets see who you "phyiscally admire".

i'll go 1st...
montgomery clift

lauren bacall


Blue Dress

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Well, I'm a woman, and I really admire the way women looked back in the 40s and 50s... just total class. So Ava Gardner, brunette goddess, and of course who could forget the ultimate queen, Marilyn.



Zoe Lucker... but I hate the fact that I can't find any really good photos of her! :(



Tharr she blows!
I simply adore Gemma Ward. She's like a procelain doll. She's otherworldly.

And girls in Roberto Cavalli (not the skank-ming fur though...). Whenever I think of the essence of a beautiful woman it's a Roberto Cavalli dress.

(Not such a good picture of Gemma here, but it's the only one of Gemma Ward in a Roberto Cavalli dress I can find on short notice!)


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Wow, I never heard of this Gemma Ward, but she sure is like a doll... what a beautiful girl!
So, let's pay homage to the real Brigitte Bardot:

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the pictures above WOW

jean seberg

terence stamp & julie christie
geeky boys...

brandon routh as clark kent



pirate wench
liz taylor

thank you JeanneDarc
here are few new ones for blue dress, denia and me! to kill two birds with one stone... pictures of monty and his betsy.



pirate wench
ooooohhh love Brando


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Ah, Liz Taylor... what a woman. Truly the most beautiful woman in the world... and let's not forget Mr Cool Himself, Frank Sinatra... and the ultimate glamorous gamine - Audrey Hepburn!

the 60s was the best....

david bailey portraits: michael caine, mick jagger, john and paul

jeane shrimpton

sarah miles
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grace slick singer


catherine deneuve
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