Post Whatever You Are Drinking At This Very Moment

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Interesting this one. Nothing like the light, so popular in the US.
Decent enough, but I'll stick with Coopers from now on.
Best. beer. ever.


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Coffee. Boring, I know but it's 11.30 am here. :rolleyes:


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Is it wrong to have a bloody mary before church? Do I care? :p

One bloody coming up, followed by coffee coffee coffee

virtually dead

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I was drinking coffee, but then I chucked it all over my legs


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This thread is too close to the drinking thread title. I keep looking at it like it is :p Anyone else? I envision a lot of amusing postings here.

Thinking is drinking. :cool: :D

What should I have... water or a beer :confused: hhmmmmm :rolleyes:

Kilt Uncle

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Coffee. But it'll be a whisky later on. I am trying to be good.

My liver is pleased..:)
arnold palmer<3 booze coffee coke zero tea watah wooder
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