Projection Lights & Staging News: "Morrissey Tour 2019" (December 13, 2019)

By Steve Jennings.


"Conwell says Morrissey is always very involved and very interested in the look of things, that he will generally come up with the preferred backdrop images and will come up with an overall visual look. “We’ll discuss specific song looks as new songs are added to the repertoire. Usually at the start of the run we will have a pool of 30 to 40 songs and by the end around 50, and these can be in any order on any night."

An interesting article with an emphasis on the lighting gear. A bit of behind the scenes mentioning Morrissey that seldom gets discussed.


A selection of good pictures too (35), with various lighting effects captured.
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Interesting read. The pre-show videos are a "collaboration"?


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A good read that, interesting that he hired the guy after seeing his work on Placebo's stage lighting.


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Very Interesting article and pictures, like the excellent video by Sam Esty Rayner with the same frame from the back of the theater

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great light work and a very interesting article. the briese lights were definitely the most memorable fixtures, they added a planetary flair to the show.

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