Recently unearthed Interview with Jeff Buckley, in shock to learn that that Morrissey is a huge fan


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Cool interview, which was just uploaded. Jeff plays a little portion of a Smiths song and then the DJ surprises him with the fact that Morrissey is a fan of his (if you recall, Morrissey listed Jeff Buckley's only studio album, Grace, as one of his 13 favorites a few years back. ( It's interesting to feel the awe and happiness he's he seems to feel with this revelation.

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This was culled from the full KROQ interview in '95 - archived here
(about 17mins 50 in):

I believe it was turned in to a bootleg interview disc.
It has been discussed here a few times although it doesn't show up in the search easily. It was originally uploaded to YouTube and shared here in 2009 before being deleted and there are references to it prior.
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