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Like many other collectors I'm practically moist at the prospect of a Record Collector Top 50 Morrissey rarities.

I thought it a useful time to share three of the previous Smiths Record Collector issues:

1992 - the original Top 100 Smiths Rarities - Feel free to laugh at the prices :)
2003 - Born to be Wilde - Simon Goddard on the "Secret Song Writing Influences" of the Smiths
2005 - the last Top 100 Smiths Rarities -

If you have never seen them before, I hope you find them interesting. Roll on Thursday for the Moz top 50!



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Thanks Dave:thumb:


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Thank you very much Sir

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.....and if anyone wants a hard copy of the latter two magazines given on this thread, see my thread (vinyl and magazines for sale) on the Marketplace:thumb:

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