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need some advice on renting a flat, I'm on a placement for 6 months and have no idea on how to go about even looking for a place around the area i need to be in. I dont even know how much is reasonable to pay - help
try to make an appointment with a "Client Advisor" at the local Job centre....explain the situation......that should start things rolling rather fast....Great guys/Gals.....I have found them extremely helpful....
( This Post is dedicated to Mr.Jim Gordon.....Living proof that THEY are not all Jobsworths....).


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thanks thats helpful. Im going down there to have a look - i'm reluctant to share a house but looking at like 55-60 a week. but them im thinking whats the point when an extra tenner will have me within walking distance of the place and therefore save on money travelling. anyone shared a house with people they didnt know - good move or bad?>

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I take it you are in the UK?
What city / town?
Take a walk around the areas you want to live in and look in newsagents shop windows or even estate agents..... they are renting a lot of places these days as house / flat sales are not big at the moment.
Look in the student areas if they have one for cheap house sharing.

You may have to give something like one / two months deposit + references

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...and pass a credit check...this is your 'reference' these days if you haven't rented before. (It'll only verify if you have CCJ's and/or defaults and probably won't matter if you're overdrawn at the bank or anything like that, it's not 'scored', just a 'check' on your history)

Usual deposits are 1 month's rent as deposit and 1 month's rent up front. Some agents charge 1 month + £150 (or thereabouts)
Also check the rental section there, that's where I found our house :)

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anyone shared a house with people they didnt know - good move or bad?>

People you don't know are just friends you haven't met yet....:rolleyes:

I actually just got a new flat yesterday, will be sharing with 2 other people I don't know. One of them, let's call him The Boy, seemed alright when I met him yesterday. The other one, we shall call The Girl, I have yet to meet but The Boy said she is "nice and lively and bubbly". I'm guessing from that that she is fat. Which is of no real consequence at the end of the day..
Basically, I would say that 9 times out of 10, sharing with someone you don't really know is alright. They'll be just as reticent letting a total stranger into their flat. Most people in the world are nice, but be careful in any case.

That's my good deed for the day done. Also, visit to find places to rent wherever you are going to on placement.

Now, back to the Tennents for me. There's a joke in there somewhere....
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