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Morrissey’s third UK number 1 album ‘Ringleader of the Tormentors’ will be issued this year by BMG for the first time.The album is presently being ‘rebooted’ by producer Tony Visconti and will feature more sections by Ennio Morricone and his orchestra from the 2005 sessions in Rome, plus a photographic booklet.The original album featured four UK hit singles, ‘You Have Killed Me’ (Number 3), ‘The Youngest Was The Most Loved’(Number 14), ‘In The Future When All’s Well’ (Number 17), ‘I Just Want To See The Boy Happy’ (Number 16).



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Was just checking, but yes, it was indeed in 2019.
" The announcement also revealed BMG will be re-issuing remasters of several Morrissey records next year. The planned re-releases - 'Southpaw Grammar', 'Maladjusted', 'You Are The Quarry', 'Ringleader of the Tormentors', 'Years of Refusal' and 'Live at the Hollywood Bowl' - will all get updated artwork and sleeve notes."
Music News Nov 2019


I guess Morricone's passing has made this commercially viable. Slightly surprised to see Visconti actively involved in this at all, considering the shitstorm that went down when Moz and Kristeen Young had their last bust up. Anyway - the main thing I hope they fix is brickwalled mastering levels of the first release. I maintain that there was nothing inherently wrong with Visconti's production (who seems to get all the blame for the sound on this), but the levels all being compressed to shit in the mastering process made this album sound f***ing awful ('Dear God Please Help Me' being the only exception, as it actually has some dynamic range). Who was ultimately responsible for that judgement call is anyone's guess, but hopefully they back off for this release.

I to hope this gets fixed


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I’m really looking forward to these reissues (& Live at Hollywood Bowl); I just hope they don’t mess with the tracklisting, I.e: replace any tracks with crappy demo’s etc


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I'm really hoping for something out of the blue; previously unreleased tracks, alternative versions, whatever. Anything but a re-issue, re-package, to satiate the need.
well whatever it was, california son or one of the recent shit ones. there was a inner with a load of his previous albums that were due to be revamped
There was a card included in California Son but it didn't say anything about the reissues yet, everyone suspected it though of course.
They were announced in November along with I Am Not A Dog On A Chain, but not all the albums on that card are going to be reissued.


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You do actually have to vote or join or else it's a gesture that doesn't mean any more than all the times he's told people not to vote or all the other badges he's worn.

You're promoting FB more than he has - in fact everyone angry at him promotes them more than he has.

Also - I can't emphasise enough how batshit politics is right now. J K Rowling is on the left - but because of one issue is now getting headlines like this & a sales drop:

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She's an incredibly brave woman. Her and Moz have put their head above the parapet - and been pilloried for it. While the silent majority agree with every word they say...

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