Sinead O'Connor says she has "a big fat flappy fanny"

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Since a few days 44-year-old Sinead O'Connor has been posting rather disturbing tweets (just scroll through the list to find more than just a few). So disturbing that she has now been forced to issue a statement assuring fans that she won't commit suicide and describing her Twitter messages as "a cry for help".

In the statement O'Connor says: "I am not at all sorry that I wrote what I did on twitter. It was a cry for help and help was received. So it was worth it. I have no shame around the fact that I can be shot into suicidal feelings by certain people's treatment of me. I am no different to any other person. (...) There is no shame in feeling suicidal. Nor in anyone knowing that wave passes over you sometimes. No one should be judged badly for however it is they choose to make their cry of help."

O'Connor says being upset about the break-up of her marriage earlier this year as one of the things that got her down. People calling her crazy only made things worse so it seems. Looking back to the whole mayhem O'Connor refers to it as the 'Buttf***-o-rama', showing she still has a good sense of humor. One of her more recent tweets even said the following "Must announce boyfriend search very much still on. If any1 wants a suicidal tourettes ridden fat ugly lunatic with a big fat flappy fanny.."

Depression, it's an ugly thing...




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She has such a beautiful voice.

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Skylarker, you are correct. She was indeed very attractive. Perhaps her medication has made her gain weight, but I'll have be be crass and say she has really really let herself go.

There is that delightful photo in "Morrissey Shot" of her and Moz having tea on the lawn. I do always wonder what they were talking about. It would have been a great conversation to evesdrop on.


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Listening to this clip and being totally turned off by the person singing and the sound coming out of her, yet remembering what a great song this was and that I used to kind of like some of her makes me realize how much pretentious caterwauling and stylized balladeering I put up with and actually thought was "pretty" simply because she was hot.

I still like Nina Hagen myself:

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wow Sinead has long hair and has put on some weight...lookin good!!! :eek:


Re: Get well soon Sinead

Sinead does have problems though. It's always been known. Very sad. :(
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