some records for sale


prices not including shipping, based mostly on completed ebay listings and what i remember paying. tried to price closer to low but feel free to politely let me know if anything seems unreasonable! have a bunch more that i may or may not be adding in the near future.

12" (sleeves for all but alma have a bit of wear, friends and boxers around the edges, mala with a hole punch and some creases, yatq with some creasing also, vinyl for mala has some very slight wear that doesn't effect play at all and all others look virtually unplayed to my eyes)

hold on to your friends - $13
boxers - $30
alma - $65
maladjusted - $80
YATQ - $120

7" (all sleeves and records look great to me)

dagenham - $22
alma - $30
roy's - $22
satan - $28
in the future - $15

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