Steve Coogan on Morrissey - BBC Radio4 Desert Island Discs


Er, (prepares to be told off for starting a new thread on a subject that possibly already exists, i searched, I looked, i couldn't find it), I can't believe no one seems to have commented on yesterday's Desert Island Discs programme with comedian Steve Coogan on BBC Radio 4.

Coogan slected (Nothing but) Flowers by Talking Heads (feat. Johnny Marr) and for his final disc he chose Panic by The Smiths.
I'm doing this from memory but I think he said he saw the Smiths at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester in (was it) 1985 when he said Morrissey was 24 and he was 17. That doesn't compute because Coogan was born in 1965. Maybe he said something else. Anyway he said that Morrissey bought him a pint of bitter ("bitter" emphasised) and that recently he mentioned this to Morrissey who didn't recall that meeting. Kirsty Young ( D.I.D's presenter) said that Coogan must've been 'gutted' or something like that.....which I thought sounded a bit scornful.
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