Strangeways glasgow


Ordinary Boy


Ordinary Boy
we now have our first poster .....


and tickets on sale ...



Doing the Terrace Stomp
Can we get a Solo show of hands please?

I'll be there with the Mrs and I am bringing 4 non-fans too.

It's going to be a late birthday celebration for me.

virtually dead

Simply Thrilled, Honey
I'm going, so is half a person and yesitis.

half a person

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Somebody should give me and yesitis £200 so we can go to this and then enrich ourselves culturally with a weekend in a glasgow travelodge.

We will reward you. ;)

With the wholesome pleasure of our company.

half a person

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you kids have tickets ... i can offer you digs at Chez Angelena

I spoke to Angela this morning, and she has agreed that we may steal her bed from her, so all is well. (except the £75 trains...)

Anyway, we're looking forward to it :) It'll be (almost) exactly a month before my 18th, you can buy me pre-birthday drinks, it'll be great! :thumb:
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