Thanks to kindly Moz fans


...brush me daddy-o
Just been thinking that during this tour i've had loads of anonymous and known Moz fans to thank for kind deeds.
Just thought i'd give other folk the chance to thank their anonymous friends in this thread.:thumb:


...brush me daddy-o
ooh, and the main point of this was to thank VivaBob for his sterling efforts on the Scottish Strangeways Moz Bus Tour. We are all forever in your debt sweetie.:flowers::flowers:


...brush me daddy-o
Huge thanks to the gorgeous and kindly "Newcastle James" for the Jesse Tobias plectrum at Dunfermline, and really good to see you again in Hawick. Enjoy the rest of the tour.
And thanks to the Strangeways crew one and all for their temperance *coughs* and tolerance, fun and frolics ;)


My one true love
Great idea for a thread. I want to thank the mystery person who lifted my leg from behind to reach Morrissey's hand in Hawick.
I never found out who you were, but I won't forgot that moment.


Awww, what a cute thread. Yes, thank you for being so nice. :)
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