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What is this all about?

I know Morrissey' Viva Hate was called "Education in reverse" in Australia (or somewere) and that it may have been a title he had in mind for a Smiths record, but how did Rough Trade have a release date for a record that had not been written. And the date is so way off in the future in terms of where the band were up to. Morrissey' first solo single came out in 88 didn't it?


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Epic fail, I'm afraid.


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a 5th album by the smiths would have been put out by EMI as moz and marr had just signed with them. EMI even tried for a bit to get the rights to put out strangeways. Maybe the harvey keitel backdrop from the kill uncle tour may have been the cover to a 5th album as moz was trying get the ok to use the image in the smiths days. and if we're playing along, Marge on the guillotine could have been a possible title since it was almost used for TQID and moz still fancied it to use it as a song title on viva hate. a release date would probably have been in 89 after marr had some r and r and convinced to go back to the group. ok, that's enough of "let's all make believe"...


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1990 album education reverse
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