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So I woke up at 6am got up and went over to AM/PM to get a cup of coffee to make life worth living and what happens? There is this really shady couple outside blocking the sidewalk. They weigh about 117 lbs between them. Methamphetamine addicts. And they're asking everyone who goes in the store for money even though I notice they've already got drinks and a bag of Doritos. They've spent at least $8 on garbage and they could have gotten a somewhat nutritional breakfast for that off of the dollar menu at one of the nearby fast food places. Even inside AM/PM they have rice pudding, yogurt, cheese sticks, things that at least have some nutritional value.
Anyway, he is standing facing away looking into the store, probably seeing who is getting cash back. I've had them do that when I was paying. She is sitting and she's got this cute little puppy. I don't know what kind. It was tiny. Not a chihuahua. I feel sorry for the puppy but that is their prop so that lots of people will give them something. People are typically more concerned about a little puppy eating than a drug addict with dead eyes that looks like they'll stab you if they get a chance.
Anyway, the woman is the one who is assigned to ask people for money, because people will feel more sorry for her than him.
To me, I don't really feel sorry for either of them. They made choices and at some point they should have tried to get off meth. Maybe the current situation will be enough to make them see that because I'm sure a lot less people want to interact with random street people who are grimy and hardcore addicts. Unfortunately there is less health care available to them right now even if they wanted to go to rehab but if they wanted to quit there are still places to go. He could go through the Salvation Army program but he would have to be tested for drugs and he would have to work. I am not sure what is available for her but they have clinics around here and churches that will help people so even if they can't go to a medical facility right now they can quit. So I don't feel sorry for them for their addiction or their choices. I just feel sorry for the little dog. But someone will buy something for the dog to eat guaranteed and it's so tiny that it won't eat too much.
Anyway, I walked way around them because I'm treating everyone like they've got the plague, especially people sitting around on dirty sidewalks. She asked me if I had any spare change.
I'd just talked to my musclehead buddy the day before and he went off on a spiel about how there is no such thing as spare change and the concept of having extra money is something he doesn't get. He's pretty funny and should really try standup. I think the Trump crowd would love him. He wasn't drunk. I've never seen him drunk. But it was afternoon and he'd had a couple of beers so he was feeling good and enjoying having someone to listen to his story so he was really getting into telling it and it was pretty entertaining.
So this was fresh on my mind and I said "No, I've never had extra money in my life." She made this face like "you asshole." I said "what you ought to do is sell that little dog to someone that can afford to feed it. You'd get enough to get a meal, a motel room and... whatever else you're trying to get out here this morning." She says "f*** you! I can feed my dog!" I said, "Okay. So why are you asking me for money?" Then I made the *mic drop* gesture and walked away. The dude never said anything the whole time. He's saying his energy for when they get $30 or whatever their magic number is and can go see the dopeman.

Willing to hear about how I'm the asshole in this situation and not the people blocking the door and begging for dope money during a health crisis when we're supposed to be "social distancing." Open to ideas about how my nonexistent spare change is actually the property of random dope addicts on moral grounds.
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