The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 284: ART-HOUNDS (FINAL SONG)

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Harsh Truth

Ever Felt Had?
I like this song quite a bit (gave it an 8) and do feel it was worthy of the proper album.

I've done this before, but this should have been the album:

World Peace is None of Your Business
Forgive Someone
The Bullfighter Dies
Staircase at the University

Action is My Middle Name
Kiss Me a Lot
One of Our Own
I'm Not a Man
Oboe Concerto
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i like this song quite a bit (gave it an 8) and do feel it was worthy of the proper album.

I've done this before, but this should have been the album:

World peace is none of your business
forgive someone
the bullfighter dies
staircase at the university

action is my middle name
kiss me a lot
one of our own
i'm not a man
oboe concerto


Harsh Truth

Ever Felt Had?

I take it you don't think that's an improvement? No worries - to each their own! Not like my opinion really matters anyway. It's Morrissey's album, not mine. I just find some of the bonus track vs. album track decisions to be truly bizarre. As is to let "Action..." slip away without a proper release. But of course our Moz has always been one to bury some classics on b-sides. I guess it's just easier to find fault this time around, when all songs were released at the same moment. Unlike, say, when discovering the genius of "I Can Have Both" required (originally) one to procure the "Alma Matters" single.
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Hi there,

Hope you're all well.

I'm an MA student from Brighton, England.

I'm also a huge Morrissey fan. I'm looking for some help from you guys. I'm currently working on a paper, a small research project exploring the relationship between Morrissey fans and Morrissey himself. I'm looking for around 5 people to agree to a short online interview with me. It'll be a chance to discuss your experience of being a Morrissey fan - what Morrissey meant to you, why you became a fan in the first place, what you do as a fan, and so on.

It's very simple - I'll email you a set of questions, and then a second, final set based on your responses to the first. If that doesn't work for you, we can also talk on online messenger (happy to use Facebook messenger, or Skype if you prefer), over the phone (if you're UK-based) or indeed by Skype if you're happy with that. Just let me know what would work best for you.

And of course, all responses will be treated with respect - no data will be given to any third parties. All responses will solely be used for my research, and I'll be happy to provide you with a copy of my final paper in late January. Get in touch if you're willing to chat - it'd be great to hear from you!



P.S. As a cheeky incentive I have a selection of paperbacks to give away, most of which I'm fairly certain Morrissey would approve of, including 'The Collector' by Fowles, referenced in Reel Around the Fountain, and the wonderful 'Two Boys, At Swim' by Jamie O'Neill, a couple of lines of which were lifted for Dear God, Please Help Me.


if your desperate for people ill help as i found it very hard to find subjects for my own papers at times. i will say being an american fan is very different from being a british one

hand in glove

Life is never kind...
I gave it a 7. I love the lyrics but I'm not in love with the music. It's one of those songs I'm still warming up to, I suppose.

Oh my god. it's Robby!

spontaneously luminescent
its a fave of mine for sure, so much so its on my current short list of Moz/Smiths songs I sneak into the playlist when people are over the house :guitar:

Charlie Cheswick

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7. Would have been a 9 but as I'm forced to listen to it on a crappy cd instead of vinyl, meaning I usually don't bother, minus two points.


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Hi there,

Would be fantastic if you'd be happy to help - any chance you could private message me with your email address and I'll send over a brief explanation of the project. Also, totally agree that being a British fan is different from an American one - seems to be a bit of a different dynamic

Thanks again,



yeah i just got back like a min ago but ill create an e-mail for this purpose tonight and just post it here online. since im not a registered member i doubt ill be able to pm but ill work it out. i dont wanna make a dummy account for this so ill probably just post it here later. dont worryb though i really will be abck to do this and give it some real thought.


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10. Perfect to close an album and perfect for the last song of his career. Now understanding his health situation the 32 pills he sings about swallowing may not be figurative. This is his masterpiece. Its his best ever.
"take my hand" - I'm with you Moz....I'm reaching out!
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