The New Order vs Peter Hook royalties lawsuit



Ok since The Smith's went through something very similar and very many New Order fans here, obviously.
There have been a bunch of discussions and debate on this old story lately.

So the lawsuit where hooky was suing his former bandmates for setting up the new company thing... after the new company was formed (before they settled out of court), was he still receiving his full, original royalties on everything from the back catalog etc for the time period when he was in the band before he quit?

I've heard multiple versions. One where he did receive all original % of the stuff he did with them when he was still a member ..just not much of anything from the releases the band put out AFTER he left.

And other articles made it sound like they took assets from vitalturn (the original company) transferred then reallocated to the new company? and increased to all the other members thus reducing hookys in vitalturn and the rest that was originally hookys added onto each members? Thus why theirs all increased? His went from 12.5 to 1.25

Confused. Then the band issued a statement years ago saying hooky still got all his back catalog stuff. Just the new company only effected everything post-split. But the company supposedly diverted and reallocated transferred stuff from the old to the new, thus reducing everything that went into the old company. Hooky wasnt part of the new company, obviously..therefore supposedly only receiving the reduced % from the old company.
Though that would make no sense.

Anyone know where hooky clearly states what happened and anything else the band have said or anyone here know anything about legal talk/jargon? No idea what any of it means.

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