The official cbs reality shows tread <3

Hey Guys, This Thread Is For The U.S. Reality Show Watchers...

CBS' Survivor Premiers Tonight @ 8PM

And The Amazing Race Premiers This Sunday Also @ 8PM

I'm not a huge fan of these shows, my faves are and have always been Big Brother & Project Runway, but we won't have those for at least another 5.5 months :(... So, I'll try to get into these that I mention above this Spring season, hopefully they won't be major suckage... The Cast for TAR looks pretty crappy, hopefully the will be more interesting on the actual show.

..... Anyone else watching either of these shits???



lovable loser
Amazing Race ROCKS! I'm going to watch it. I don't know anything about the cast (yet), I like it for the game itself and the travels. Not many other shows leave me feeling breathless. :o:) EOH, I KNOW you watched Season 12 with Kynt and Vyxsin! ;)


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I can't wait for Big Brother 11. That is like my summer crack.

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