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Now, I feel that way completely about modern country music and rap music in general. But bluegrass tends to have great instrumentation that you usually don’t get in other genres. It also tends to be a very giving genre as well as everyone gets their spot and chance to shine. Bluegrass and jazz are, to me, seemingly the only two genres left where people play purely for the joy of it.

Agree about modern country and rap, but I find jazz and bluegrass to be too disjointed for me to consider enjoyable. I get why people would like that type of music but I am a drawn to melody, and without that I am lost. I really don't like classical music, or opera either so I am not the touchstone for musical taste here. Now if you want to talk about soft 70's rock or new wave eighties music, then I am your man. I am also a huge fan of Steve Martin. I remember listening to his comedy albums as a child...How do you become a millionaire...first...get a million dollars. Brilliant. Such a sharp wit, but the banjo...oh no!
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