The Smiths : Musikbyrån Documentary Swedish TV 2003




Johnny looked so bloated and ill here, I wonder what was going on during The Healers' days? Glad he came out of it.
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Re: The Smiths : Musikbyrån Documentary {Complete Film} 2003

Thank you for sharing this — hadn't seen the whole thing.
A bit shocking now to see how much more willing Morrissey was 10 years ago to talk in great detail about the early days of the Smiths than he is now, presently turning down offers to aid in Smiths documentaries.

Rourke both looks and sounds drugged out.


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Re: The Smiths : Musikbyrån Documentary {Complete Film} 2003

Thanks, will have a look.

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Re: The Smiths : Musikbyrån Documentary {Complete Film} 2003

Yes, Johnny does look very bloated. Same for Andy. Morrissey looks pretty good though. Has Morrissey had dental work? His upper teeth seem to have a few gaps between them. The way Morrissey talks about the past now you would think it was all silence and notes passed back between each other. Yet they must have had some good times together as young 20 year olds in the country's best band.
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