The subreddit "indieheads" [731,000 members] has banned all Morrissey content

We are a community that celebrates new music, but we also love and respect the bands of the past that made the indie genre what it is today. The Smiths are a part of that legacy, and because of that, we have allowed content to be posted to the subreddit about Morrissey. As of this post, we will no longer be allowing news, music or any content directly pertaining to Morrissey and his solo career. This change will not effect any news pertaining to The Smiths (reissues, etc.) or any other members of the band. Any other adjacent posts pertaining to Morrissey are subject to moderator approval.

We pride ourselves on being an open and safe space to discuss music. That’s why headlines like “Morrissey reaffirms support for far-right party and claims 'everyone prefers their own race'” don’t sit well with us. Morrissey has made it very apparent that he is, in fact, a racist, as he continues to not only share his bigoted thoughts but also show support by wearing a pin supporting an anti-Islam political party with a button over his heart on television and during his Broadway residency. We do not want to publicize him any longer- and he will no longer be given a platform on our subreddit.

This rule is not to ignore his hateful actions, but to take away his audience, even if it is just a small part of it. Thank you for your understanding.

[Followed by this first moderator comment]

Please feel free to ask us anything about this decision for any clarification you may need. Any other comments past the original statement reflect each moderator’s personal opinions.

This was something that has been building for a while, and quite frankly, I’d had enough. No one is perfect, but also, we have never had someone that we allow posts about speak such vile words on a consistent basis. This is not a point we wanted to get to and I hope we don’t get to it again.


Why would I apologise for this person? He's a dick and is thankfully now dead. Are you a bit slow or not right in the head? Do you think every single muslim supports what this individual did?

Exactly, why would you, that's the same question I ask myself? But every time you defend Islam, you are acting as an apologist for people like that guy in the article whether you are aware of it or not. You really should explain your reasons for separating the actions of that man with the religion so that we can understand where you're coming from.

BTW ad hominem attacks are uncalled for here.

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