The You Can Frink Whoever You Like Thread


My secret's my enzyme.
George Harrison looks amazing compared to the others in this pic on the startpage of iTunes. I looooove his entire outfit. :sweet: And his hair, just the whole package.


My secret's my enzyme.

(I imagine my pillow is Morrissey. Does that count as "whoever you want" and frinky? :blushing: He's about to spoon me to sleep.)


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Crystal, you'd have a better chance with George Harrison. I keed! I'm a kidder!

There is a huge billboard of this picture in the town where I liveth; it distracts me every morn as i drive on the highway:

It's groovy but I'd prefer:

Jackie London

♥ Howlin' Pelle

Damian Lewis. I know. A geek. Can't help it' I'm watching The Forsyte Saga.


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Pia Degermark. :love:



...brush me daddy-o

^^KenzieW, i LOVED Ash & Murphy when i was a youngun... but Daniel 'Joan Collins' Ash wasted my fond memories of him by wearing a fur waistcoat during a gig in London - mid heatwave.
He's an arsehole.
i've probably posted this comment somewhere else before - but he truly is an arse!



Franz Ferdinand and Morrissey.:yum:

Does anyone have the Franz Ferdinand interview with Morrissey from NME?
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