This charming man? England is Mine explores a younger Morrissey to reveal lesser seen shades

This charming man? England is Mine explores a younger Morrissey to reveal lesser seen shades - The List (
by Kirstyn Smith - 9th June, 2017.


"Ahead of Morrissey biopic's world premiere at Edinburgh Film Festival, The List's music editor and self-confessed fan takes a look at the man behind the myth and the devotion he arouses.
It's awkward being a Morrissey fan. It's even more awkward to be a Morrissey fan with a couple of very visible tattoos related to the singer. People are inclined to greet you with the phrase: 'What's that say? Morrissey? Aw, he's a c**t.' "


Oh, and own up... who was it!? :)

“For this article, I reached out to a well-known figure in the Morrissey fan community for their opinion on the Morrissey of today vs the Morrissey portrayed in England is Mine, Mark Gill's Morrissey biopic. They prefaced an interview with the proviso that they would contribute to 'any article that portrayed Morrissey in a positive light."
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sweet potato casserole


sweet potato casserole

you can tell "pernilla"--she of the "mia farrow looks" (rigggghhht) and of the fondness for your "fuzzy legs" *puke*--that people are put in mental institutions, not on them.

and while im at it, you dont watch pictures you look at them.



Always crashing in the same car
that's why I was telling 12''on the slack that he has to update the label.:thumb:

them were dark times, now we have much more variety and people brave enough to name themselves what they want and not what society wants.


Right? Nearly everything about 2017 may be a trash heap, but there are definitely changes between now and then that I love.


A friend of mine has already seen the film. He works at an audio description studio and has been 'describing' it this week. I asked if he could smuggle out a copy but he said he would get sacked.

A a non-Morrissey fan, he said it was "alright".
england is mine movie

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