Tour of Refusal bootlegs?


I'm surprised at the lack of bootlegs from the recent tour. you'd think there would be more out there. if not just from the people on this site.
why do you think they're so hard to come by?
WTF? southern bootleggers posted Richmond, and I recorded DC but haven't yet gotten around to posting it. Those were shows #3 and 4. Sit tight and stop whining. It's not as if you can post a recording the minute you get home from a show.

Where are all the shows you've recorded and posted for us?


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Well done, NRiTH, :thumb:
....oh btw um....about that D.C. be posting that anytime soon? haha jk


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wow. not the response i was expecting.

Heres one for you buddy...

Audio recording now on Dime here...

And on the more accessible Zomb tracker here...

Mediafire mp3 sample of Billy Budd here...

Morrissey - Refusal At The Pageant

The Pageant, St. Louis MO April 08 2009

Recorded by R. Greenfield (Robducati)

Recorded far right of mixing desk, elevated from floor area.

SP-CMC-8 Audio Technica mics (cardioid, mounted on hat, 6" separation)>SP-R09 12 volt mic power supply>Edirol R09 via line-in (16/44.1 WAV on SanDisk Ultra2 4 gig card)>USB to PC>CoolEditPro2>CDWave>Traders Little Helper(flac level 8)>bit torrent.

Disc 1...

02.This Charming Man
03.Billy Budd
04.Black Cloud
05.How Soon is Now?
06.Irish Blood, English Heart
07.When I Last Spoke to Carol
08.How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
09.I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
10.Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
11.Something Is Squeezing My SKull
12.Seasick, Yet Still Docked
13.The Loop
14.The World Is Full of Crashing Bores
15.Death of a Disco Dancer
16.Best Friend on the Payroll
17.I Keep Mine Hidden
18.Sorry Doesn't Help Us

Disc 2...

20.Let Me Kiss You
21.I'm O.K By Myself
22.Encore Applause

23.The First of the Gang to Die

AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Great performance by Mr. Morrissey and band (IMHO)

Morrissey quips and quotes throughout, Budweiser beer, performance artist Kristeen Young, "Saint Lou-ee". He took off his shirt and threw it into the crowd, two girls fought over it for 20-30 minutes before security took it from them. Saw a young child w/father attending, as well as a literally huge Morrissey fan near stage right, this guy was one big dude, and was singing with every song.

Very good + sq (IMHO), constructive criticism welcomed.

Thanks to my son Corey and our friend Jake for helping me record this. They did a great job of idiot blocking.
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Just curious, does anyone know anyone who will be taping the Galway show on the 29th? Thanks...


Just curious, does anyone know anyone who will be taping the Galway show on the 29th? Thanks...

Why? You gonna be there? If so, then there's your taper!

I expect Galway to be a lot of fun, so be prepared. Get all your recording gear set. Experiment with the settings so you don't get distortion. Try not to stand too close to the speakers.

Last time Moz was in Killarney, he did a full-on Irish jig! He seems to let loose at these kinds of shows. The show was brilliant. I'm tempted to go again and also see what's what in Galway.


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NRITH, are you going to post the DC show?
Everyone is wanting to hear Birthday...


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i know SOMEONE did. 99% sure.

i PMed them offering to pay so hopefully it does actually exist

I hope you'e right. I never understood why Philly always seems to take a little longer to make the rounds. As long as it eventually comes out I guess I can't complain.


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please let there be a philly boot.
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