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I'm Not Sorry
getting rid of a load of live cds. it seems a shame to throw them away. all i ask is for the postage paid via paypal (uk £1.00 a cd).
when the cd is gone its gone (no extra copies unless noted).
will update the list as i find it. send us a pm if you are interested. will send worldwide. various sources mainly lossless but cannot guarantee all are lossless source. :thumb:
The more cd’s you want the better the postage. Most cds include artwork/track lists.
Ian Brown
Return of the king monkey Manchester M.E.N. Arena 2005 2CD *audience recording
The eden project 27 aug 2005 cornwall st Austell 1cd *audience recording
Good Friday - Bridlington Spa Hall 25 March 2005 2CD *terrible audience recording, die-hard fan only
Blackpool rocks - Blackpool empress ballroom Lancs. 24 march 2005 2CD *terrible audience recording, die-hard fan only
The King Lives…King Monkey That Is New York bowery ballroom NY USA 25 june 2000 / 2 tracks totp ? no aziz *audience recording 1cd
Climb every mountain 2 august 98 Fuji festival Tokyo bay Japan ex audience or broadcast / bonus processed waterfall Kasabian mash up 1cd
Monkey at v’best 23 august 98 v festival leeds 5 track radio fm / 2 track jools Holland 99 1cd

T.I.M.E. compilation includes low quality webcast recording radio6 Gideon Coe acoustic session January 2005 / where angels play backwards bootleg versions / time video audio / fear bootleg video mixes 1cd
XFM Session keep what ya got acoustic with Noel Gallagher / interview with noel Gallagher & ian / love bug full band version 2004 1cd

New Order
Hacienda Manchester 26 june 1982 late gig
Hacienda Manchester 26 jan 1983
Hacienda Manchester 20 july 1983
Hacienda Manchester 3 dec 1985 first set plus 2 bonus demos
Hacienda Manchester 3 dec 85 second set
Hacienda Manchester 13 oct 86
Rehearsals 86’ Playhouse theatre, Edinburgh Scotland 11 sept 86 sound check only 1cd
Hacienda Manchester 10 june 1987 / rehearsals 1981 - 1987 unknown dates probably hacienda sound checks rehearsals 2CD
Move Festival 2002 old Trafford cricket ground Manchester *date listed as 13 7 04 is infact 2002 1CD

Ceremony compilation various early ceremony performances, western work demos, heaven ultra disco sound check / movement demos peel session 81 7 82 x-mas 7inch plus more 2CD
Testament Disc 2 only Bonus Live John Peel session may 82 / brotherhood 2 remixes / salvation film soundtrack 5 track / demos? 1cd
World in commotion various live recordings 1998 mainly radio broadcast tracks 1CD
Face the Music Peel Session 1998 plus bonus 1980 demos probably western works 1CD
Technique Remixes 14 track boot. Oddball selection of b-sides, vinyl rips etc. includes ceremony 7inch version, evil dust, happy one, paradise remix, temptation 7inch etc.
That New Odder CD aka Rachamei Mixes 12 track another odd collection of mixes, collaborations, live 1CD
Remixes aka Ultra Rare Trax - razor maid plus others mixes 10 track 1CD
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