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Vegan Cro Spirit 555


long LSD story. #boring #rambling

FC WTF!!! ☹

a moth making CHIRPING SOUNDS???

an old dude who may have been was not despite the fact tha he may have been but wasnt tho an 11 yr
old was there making bong hits but still was not a perv but a hippy and not a perv but he probably was just a burnout with
heroin and LSD??:drama:

all the while you were taking bong hits at 12????:(

you drove to a town that was far and then drove to the bad part of the small bad town???? you drove to the bad part of the bad town????:straightface:

the illegal immigrant went on a date with an old dude THE VERY DAY she arrived in the USA wearing a big red wig? same day, 10 min after arrival????:rolleyes:
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