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Hi all,

I am curious: regarding, is there anything going on at that site except the Morrissey Press Releases? I saw the album and single data there, but they also had an area to register and create a user name/profile. It mentioned that they publish or did publish a magazine? I saw also that Moz did a cool Q & A with them years ago. Do any of you guys know if they are active or planning to be in the future?

I wrote Julia or whoever runs the website (with cc: to all the various emails on the site) a very polite email asking about the status of the magazine and Q & A's about a month ago, but got no response, nor did the email bounce back. I'm guessing I'm getting the 'old brush off'. :confused:
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All I know is that the magazine is not published any more, since (IIRC) a few years already. Doesn't seem like there's a lot going on there, apart from being Morrissey's official news site.


They should do another Q&A....with Morrissey solo. Imagine the grilling! :D
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