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6 January 2014

Manchester Evening News

The Manchester Evening News have stated on 17 October 2013 that Morrissey 'claims he was "touched inappropriately by a teacher at school"'. Morrissey has never made such a claim. Furthermore, Morrissey does not use the word 'inappropriately' unless it is followed by an explanation of what an action might be inappropriate to.
Morrissey is seeking legal advice on this matter.

:laughing: you couldn't make it up.

Quentins Girl

New Member
It's awful, isn't it? Right up there with pachyderms in living spaces, checking one's privilege, and cis-sexual, which really means "normal", rather than not wishing to ram a marrow up your fundament for kicks while dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz.

I hate clichés. A cliché to me is like a red rag to a bull.


JB, Too tired to look it up, what does Pachyderms mean? My all girls school taught me nothing (as my postings show), apart from giving us girls one book, Stan Barstow's 'A Kind Of Loving' to read, it worked ha ha! And what is cis-sexual (if you have time to educate me) Thank's.

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