Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals [Crazy-Col Re-Work]


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Hi Everyone.
This is my first post.
Great site loads of top stuff!
Downloaded this amazing find yesterday.
I was stunned!!
Amazing Amazing!!
However there was quite a bit of Vinyl "Noise" and hiss so i set about reworking it.
The noise is now gone, the hiss is now at a listenable level.
I also trimmed the starts/finishes.
If you burn the files to CD it sounds like a CD [in my opinion].
None of this would be possible without the uploader sharing in the first place.
Many, Many Thanks for the share.
Also for the info from Stephane very informative!
Download & enjoy one & all.
Best wishes,
New link it is now in a rar file, sorry for the aggro everyone,i'll be better next time!!

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Crazy-col you are crazy! an amazing debut post. thank you for the great work. could do with a zip / rar of them all together though taking ages to download / anti-virus is working like crazy with mediafire ;)
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Hi just been and checked it.
It downloads fine no problem.
If you still have a problem with it let me know & i will try and get the tracks to you.
Even if i have to send them one by one by e-mail!!
Best wishes,


Speedway, here we come!
Thanks for the "gift"! Merry Christmas, dude! :thumb:


demo instrumental re-worked smiths
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