[Video Download] - Morrissey - Youngest Was The Most Loved

there's something truly lovely about that smile and 'there is no such thing in life as normal' bit playing in background....


..they say 'ee's mental..

This is a fun video - theres an extremely cheeky element to Morrissey in this one, something that has been lacking from his videos in quite some time. Not a lot happens in it to be fair, but I feel it showcases the single quite nicely.....and Morrissey looks in fine spirit. Morrissey fixing his hair for the Paparazzi is also extremely amusing



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youngest was most loved video

thanks chucky really enjoyed the video


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nevermind the download

it's all over youtube.com.

with that said, it's ok. not his best, not his worst.

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now my heart is full b/w such a little thing makes a big difference

Thank you so much, I cant wait to watch it. This is an excellent addition to my already staggering Moz video collection.


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Brilliant work.
I like the narrative videoclips better than the band-playing-in-a-studio ones.
Moz is great as the killer. We can see the lyrics in his expressions.

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My boy Chuckie has come through again! As the popular saying goes, THAT'S TITTIES!!!

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