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'till now what's your favourite IANADOAC song?

  • Jim Jim Falls

  • Love Is on Its Way Out

  • Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?

  • I Am Not a Dog on a Chain

  • What Kind of People Live in These Houses?

  • Knockabout World

  • Darling, I Hug a Pillow

  • Once I Saw the River Clean

  • The Truth About Ruth

  • The Secret of Music

  • My Hurling Days Are Done

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Last of the famous international screw ups.
The Secret of Music...so booooooooooooooring and loooooooooooooooooooong.
With comments like this I'm tempted to move it up to Number One as my favourite track from the album.

This album is astonishingly good. If it weren't for his political views I'd bet it receives universal acclaim from the critics.


Once I Saw The River Clean, What Kind of People Live In These Houses, and My Hurling Days Are Done - are all wonderful. The rest is filler.


MIs dias de Hurling,the best ianadoac and the secret of music y todo el album es grosso!!!


Are people generally listening to the album in its correct order or on shuffle/random?
When I first buy an album, I usually try and listen to it about 10 times in the right order, then resort to shuffle.
I normally much prefer albums when the order is jumbled up - I'm guessing it will particularly be the case for this one (haven't tried yet).
Truth about Ruth is sounding a bit less muddled the more I play it. Hoping that will continue to go up in my estimations as it was one of the weaker songs on first few listens.
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