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Was Moz in love with Johnny Marr?

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from the Ice Age to the dole age
do you or anybody else have that interview? i want to listen to it

I'm afraid I don't have it - I posted it here a long time ago but it has gone. It was an excellent interview uploaded in 5 parts.
Last year, someone asked about it in the Downloads and Bootlegs section but that Sendspace link expired - somebody will have it though. @Famous when dead can you help?

Famous when dead


Eli Terate

Anyone who has worked close creatively with another person and doing so has opened up emotionally to that other person through the process of creation, knows about this kind of love
that is inevitable. It’s not sexual, it’s spiritual.

This seems to be something you've experienced.
Pour your heart out, Ketamine Sun. We're all ears.

Even if you were just once part of Modern Talking, I'm sure it'll still be interesting. :)


:handpointright::guardsman: :handpointleft: is super gay FFS. before he could get dudes to schnoggle with him since most dudes assumed he was a girl


it was only after the first date, that the dudes got the BIG SURPRISE!?

now that he has hit a wall he is desperate for dates check out the billboard
where is now trolling for dude dates, totally desperate



with this derelict look chances are slim of hooking up with some dude?

Beautiful youth, handsome man.

Vegan. Cro. Spirit. 888

Beautiful youth, handsome man.


I take this is the Mrs.?
on the first photo he looks like those crazed fifties chick with
the dumb bob hair.?‍♀️
a 1oo car pile up looks better than that second photo
with the dumb derelict tats.?‍♂️

and what kind of nutter wears a tshirt about his own dumb self.:crazy:
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