What concert/show are you going to go to next?


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i wish I was seeing Peter Murphy this go-round, but it seems he's skipping the Philadelphia area...he played a small club way out in the suburbs last time for his Secret Covers tour.


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My next concert will be Belle and Sebastian in Münich on the 15th of April.


in hamburg
gang of four havent got tixs yet
katzenajmmer hopefully but tixs have sold out quickly-a few days- after the announce of the sale start in january..

t*morrisseysyndrome spreads"when i think back that i bough them on the day of the event last year at the box office and
now they have become so popular after doing some important tv shows...
must now go to the touts most likely


Paul Simon at the Beacon in NYC on 5/11.

Trying to figure out which Phish shows I can travel to.


belle and sebastian tonight.
did anybody saw them in 2010/2011 already? good setlist?
hopefully (its sold out.must go to damm touts) katzenjammer on friday
both in hamburg
cant believe i got tixs for BAS today
but couldnt get tixs to katzenjammer -they sold out a few days after salestart
in january(morrissey syndrome all over)
wont pay more than the double price..ebay prices are horrifying
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BRITSH SEA POWER in one week!

ooh. Thanks for the heads up HbR, Mr Nightie quite likes them... will have to tell him they're playing.

I'm here to whinge. Miles Hunt has just announced another Glasgow gig (May 19th), but has chosen to play on the same night as *whispers* Duran Duran. Now i already have tickets for the whispered gig (don't judge me, they're great live), but i'd really like to see Mr Hunt again! Suggestions anyone???


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I'm going to Frankfurt-am-Main on the 13th of May to see Bill Callahan.

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Saw Anna Calvi last night in York.
Sensational, what an outstanding talent.
Her debut album is great, and it sounded even better live!!

If you get the chance, go and see her live.
You will be glad you did!


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Duran, 19th May
Adam Ant, 23rd May
.....then....... isn't it great to be able to list some Moz gigs here!!! .... for me, it's the Scottish ones.
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