What did you dream (last night)?

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The Truth

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Nicolas Cage is very entertaining but he is in some shit movies. Usually he makes even a bad one entertaining though.

Once Anon a Dream

I had a dream where rifke was pretending to be a famous tennis player, and I was trying to figure out the truth by saying "how can you be that tennis player if you're typing here while her match is going on?"; then that dream segued into another dream where a friend and I almost stole a child's bag of Halloween sweets and he chased after us. He was surprisingly fast. But yeah, rifke, you're not a famous tennis player even though she did have very nice blonde hair and everything and I can understand why you wanted people to think you were her. Your mistake was typing while the match was ongoing, otherwise you might have got away with it for a while longer.


I dreamt that the President of the United States was a cat, and that a friend and I were cat-sitting him. We didn't think it was funny that a cat was president, but we were laughing because we were going to be cleaning up the President of the United States' barf off of the rug. (I guess he had coughed up a hairball.)

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've got a terrible headache today and it feels like i'm gonna be the first corona casualty of europe. and probably there is a link to the morrissey dream i had. took place after an apocalypse, only a few people survived globally. morrissey was on tour and the concert was about to take place in a theater, corpses strewn in the streets and inside the place, nobody cared or maybe nobody was available any longer to bury the corpses. i was standing next to morrissey on the stage and having a drink, looking around. there were three more survivors doing the same. after a few songs the band disappeared and we were told that there are some presents for the fans hidden onstage, so we looked for them. i found a protein shake and was told that this was my present, but the band wouldnt return. so i just sat down, drank the protein shake and looked at the corpses lying around. here and there i had a lil chat with the other fans still alive and was reminded of not getting close to the corpses.

The Chameleon

I had a dream this morning that I was at a Morrissey concert. It was Kristeen Young playing piano and him singing in a tiny local theater. When the lights came up I looked around and there were about 20 people there. I thought since there were so few people we could all say hello and that he would be grateful for the support but suddenly these bodyguards appeared and he was taken away to a car.

This dream actually happened. I live across the street from a theater and in my dream that's where it was. It's an old church so the seating is in church pews. I remember thinking that he would never have come here. And I remember some song played and it sounded very different being played on piano but I don't know which one it was now. I didn't realize how empty the room was until the lights came up and then I thought that he has really hurt his career. But he still wouldn't hang out with the audience. His bodyguards were wearing shiny suits, one silver and one purple.

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I dreamt of the pastry boutique in Naxos. :lbf:


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