What does everyone collect?

I'm wondering what everyone collects in terms of Moz and Smiths stuff.

I saw that Flax collects vinyl and videos, possibly more?
I also saw the thread where everyone posted pictures of their collection... etc etc etc...

I [am making an attempt] to collect the UK pressings of Smiths and Moz 7" and 12" singles and all the albums. Of course I'll probably pick up anything I find...

Feel free to share!


i really want to collect vinyl but it's just too hard to find stuff where i live (minnesota) and too expensive to find it online. i've got a pretty sizeable cd collection though with all of the singles and various editions and stuff like that. i also have a ton of t-shirts and posters.
i really want to collect vinyl but it's just too hard to find stuff where i live (minnesota)

it's not that much easier here in Philadelphia.
the record stores here are pretty terrible.
ebay has become my best friend and subsequently, my wallet's worst enemy.


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all vinyl formats including all promos of all albums and singles
same goes for cd's and cassetes
i especially like cass.singles,and pic.sleeves of all 7" promos:p


in my own sick way
Mainly vinyl but pretty much anything. The vinyl definitely gets the most use. You are correct about the ebay. They make it very convenient to spend a ton of money. Recently I was ribbing Mrs. FNIOP about spending at one of her favorite clothing stores. She quickly responded by referring to me as "Mr. Paypal". YIKES.
I collect Smiths/Moz recordings in as many formats as I can obtain, I've got some posters, t-shirts, Smiths/Moz memorabilia & lots of ephemera but I don't search these out I just get them as I find them along the journey.




I've concentrated on both vinyl & CD bootlegs (factory pressed rather than just fanmade). I know I'm not alone in this obsession :D

Both Smiths and Morrissey titles interest me althoug with Ebay I have to say I miss the days of trawling record fairs and second hand shps etc.


Collect solely CD's these days, particularly all CD versions released currently trying to get more of The Smiths Australian original CD single releases which i'm sure will cost a fortune when they next crop up on ebay or from the interesting priced eil boys !


im a tshirt collectin' guy myself

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I used to collect everything on my favourite artists when I was younger but as I've since decided I just don't have the room in my life to do this anymmore. i'm happy to own one recording of each song as it's the songs that mean the most to me. I don't NEED each format it's on, anymore.

I do buy the original Smiths Rough Trade advert posters just because they were exceptional and go against what I said about the songs meaning the most to me. I think these posters stand head and shoulders along side the songs.
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