What should I do

Job wise, what should I do?

  • Mid 40s is too old for a new career path, stick with what you know now

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  • Go for it, life’s an adventure, this one is a different kind

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  • Other, if vote this please comment as to why

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Oh my god. it's Robby!

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So while ago a career opportunity appeared to come my way that I just thought I couldn’t pass up, then some stuff happened and well, I thought better of it, but my misgivings have been largely assuaged now and I really don’t know what to do. :confused:


I dont know enough details to give any advice here. There obviously needs to be a balance between taking a risk and the consequences of said risk not planning out. When you’re in your forties you kinda start to run out of time to deal with consequences and they can become serious in old age in ways they wouldnt when you’re young. That said you don’t want a life full of regrets but old age is hard enough to deal with when you’re relatively stable


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Follow your passion. We have no clue when life may end. One can be in a car accident today. Don't play it safe because you want to be prepared for old age. Old age may never come. Carpe diem. I like this: You miss 100% of the shots you never take.


You only have one life to live. Go for it!!!
Are you sure, seems to be a lot of people remembering their past lives. If we only have one life why spend it working at all, didn't they abolish slavery?
Be free OMG it's Robby, choose that over anything else and besides you seem to have lived a great life already. After 40 life is just one long boring repeat on the way to ill health and broken dreams.
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