What smiths songs would you like to see Morrissey play?

What smiths would you like to see Morrissey play? I will like to see him play miserable lie!!!
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I'd like to see him do Piss Factory by Patti Smith and Boom! Shake the Room by Will Smith.


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Rusholme Ruffians!

I. Love. That. Song.
Miserable Lie would definitely be interesting. But then I don't know if he's really got it in him to do the falsetto like that now. Either way, it's always been one of my favorites. Don't get why people are SO turned off by the vocals.

I think Wonderful Woman would be a pleasant surprise. But then maybe Girl Afraid would be better, as long as the band doesn't butcher it (the guitar hook on the chorus being what makes it one of my favorite Smiths songs).
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