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Vegan Cro’s parents regret the condom splitting
Local band Doves first album in 11 years, The Universal Want, which gave the band their 3rd number 1 album today.


Oscillate Wildly
Ban for fur farms and animals in circus in my country 🇵🇱 !!! What a beautiful feeling :rock: :highfive:
Too bad it's the only admirable thing that has recently happened there, the mentality of it's society is still in ruins.
Ban for fur farms and animals in circus in my country 🇵🇱 !!! What a beautiful feeling :rock: :highfive:

Sounds good, but I hope the farms are not just moving east, like towards Belarus, e.g.

And I also hope that the deal is to not just become the country instead to which other (western) European countries transport their live stock as a stopover, before the animals are eventually exported to so-called "third countries", which some western European countries are by new law no longer allowed to approach directly when transporting animals alive.

I am sick of international politics taking those for idiots who actually care, and I must say, even some animal rights groups naively (?) try to convince their supporters that these new laws are big successes to which they have contributed.
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The Mommyheads - only star

The Mommyheads - sandman

Just as good now as in 94

the murdocks - human waste

this makes me think of local h a lot
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